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  • Perennials for Beginners

    Perennials are plants that reliably grow back year after year. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. It can be a bit overwhelming to stand in the perennial section and look out at this great sea of color, but the following list should help make your choices easier….

    Perennials that grow very tall- Hollyhocks, delphiniums, Joepye weed, plume poppy, lovage, bugbane, Russian sage

    Perennials with fragrant flowers- carnation, lily of the valley, sweet William, tall phlox, peony, Centaurea

    Perennials suitable for rock gardens- bellflower, dianthus, dwarf iris, creeping phlox, Arabis, hens & chicks, sedum

    Perennials for hot, dry areas- yarrow, sedum, Russian sage, blue flax, meadow sage, bearded iris, Gaillardia, Artemesia

    Perennials that do well in shade- Hosta, astilbe, ferns, primrose, lady’s mantle, lily of the valley, ajuga

    Perennials for damp, wet areas- Siberian iris, creeping jenny, Joepye weed, ligularia, Helenium, Monarda

    Perennials good for cutflowers- Monarda, Liatris, Delphinium, Chrysanthemum, tall phlox, lilies, bleeding heart, yarrow, bellflower, iris

    Perennials that do well in containers-Hosta, fern, sedum, Rudbeckia, ornamental grasses, lilies, daylilies

    Perennials that self seed- Hesperis, Iceland poppy, Meadow sage, blue flax, maiden pink, columbine

    Perennials with attractive foliage- Silvermound, Heuchera, Hosta, fern, blue fescue, lady’s mantle, bergenia

    Perennials that deer would rather not eat- Bleeding heart, Artemesia, Russian sage, Monarda, Monkshood, Asclepias

    Perennials that flower late in the year- Chrysanthemum, fall aster, ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum, Japanese anemone,

    Perennials that make good groundcovers- sedum, creeping thyme, snow in summer, Arabis, creeping phlox, maiden pink