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Tricia IngramOwner Cobblestone Garden Centre, designer, hort grower, writer, & educator. Language enthusiast, sports fanatic, music & arts lover, volunteer, youth advocate

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Early Spring Checklist

With March 20th – the first day of spring – approaching quickly, there are lots of great projects to do in the yard! Take advantage of some of this gorgeous...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Let the Seeding Begin!

Last week we talked about getting prepared to seed, specifically by taking care to sanitize seeding supplies, cleaning up the overall work area, buying premium...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

February means Time to Seed!

As I sit and write this, the sun is shining in my front window, brightly glistening off of the snow covered yard. A beautiful winter day, it seems the whole...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Perennials for Beginners

Perennials are plants that reliably grow back year after year. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. It can be a bit overwhelming...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Plants with Purple Foliage

Plants with burgundy, plum colored, or dark purple foliage are becoming increasingly popular. People often come in and ask “what’s that shrub with...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram


Many people enjoy having fresh cut flowers in their home or available to bring to friends, and growing your own flowers just for the purpose of cutting is very...

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