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Tricia IngramOwner Cobblestone Garden Centre, designer, hort grower, writer, & educator. Language enthusiast, sports fanatic, music & arts lover, volunteer, youth advocate

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Living Better through Horticulture

Flip open any magazine, read any newspaper, listen to the radio for a couple hours, or browse the internet and inevitably you will find a section about how to...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Bed Bugs ARGGGGGG!!!!

On a recent flight from Phoenix with my family, I had the very distinct displeasure of spotting a bed bug on the passenger seat in front of me. In an instant...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Amazing Houseplants part 4 of 4

In the last three articles, we explored a few of the high performing, easy-to-grow indoor plants for our Northern homes. Tropical, succulent, and cactus plants...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Amazing Houseplants part 3 of 3

“Cactus” – the word drums up all sorts of images. The romantic will envision scenes of towering saguaros in the Texan landscape, barrel cacti in...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Amazing Houseplants part 2

Last week, we talked about what a houseplant actually is – namely a plant that natively grows outdoors in warmer climates and which we import to our indoors...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Amazing Houseplants

With the doldrums of winter upon us, beautifying our indoor spaces with houseplants is good for both the body and soul. Growing living greenery indoors not...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Gardening Through The Seasons

One of my fondest memories as a young girl growing up in the prairies was visiting my grandma’s country garden. A lifelong gardener, Donna Mae (as she...

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