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Tricia IngramOwner Cobblestone Garden Centre, designer, hort grower, writer, & educator. Language enthusiast, sports fanatic, music & arts lover, volunteer, youth advocate

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Perennials for Shady Areas

Having a shady garden is not the pain in the backside that many people think it is! There are loads of beautiful, easy perennials that flourish in shade! We...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Chestermere is a Community In Bloom!

Calling all civic pride! The best news I have heard this season is that the folks at the Town of Chestermere are entering the Town into the Communities in...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Is Perception Everything?

Twenty years ago, when my husband and I first approached a bank about getting a loan to build our greenhouses, the banker we were meeting bemusedly listened to...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

The Noble Bee

Have you noticed how much press bees have been receiving in the past couple of years? Ever wonder why there is so much hulabaloo going on about these buzzing...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Starting Your Own Hanging Baskets

The end of April – mid May is the best time to start your own amazing hanging baskets. From herbs to veggies to flowers, growing plants in hanging containers...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

What’s Growing On in Gardening

With the thought of the warm days to come – you know, the ones that weatherman has assured us are on the horizon – many of us are itching to do something...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Bird Is The Word

As I went out the door on my way to work this morning, I caught a glimpse of a cedar waxwing in a mountain ash tree by my driveway. Success! After setting food...

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