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Tricia IngramOwner Cobblestone Garden Centre, designer, hort grower, writer, & educator. Language enthusiast, sports fanatic, music & arts lover, volunteer, youth advocate

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Gardening Through The Seasons

One of my fondest memories as a young girl growing up in the prairies was visiting my grandma’s country garden. A lifelong gardener, Donna Mae (as she is...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

The Noble Bee

Have you noticed how much press bees have been receiving in the past couple of years? Ever wonder why there is so much hullabaloo going on about these buzzing...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Ten Flowering Trees

When it comes to planting a tree in your yard, many people would like something that blooms; here are a few of Cobblestone’s top picks for prairie...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Small Trees

A growing concern in many residential areas and towns is the desire to plant trees, but something that doesn’t grow too overly large or take up too much...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing native plants

In the last decade or so, a great deal of interest has developed in growing native plants and flowers. This is a rather fabulous trend and I, for one, would...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing Clematis on the Prairies

Clematis are often referred to as “Queen of the Vines”. Contrary to popular belief, clematis are not really difficult to grow, even here in Calgary...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home is easy and rewarding! If you’ve never grown tomatoes at home before, the following information should help you get started...

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