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Tricia IngramOwner Cobblestone Garden Centre, designer, hort grower, writer, & educator. Language enthusiast, sports fanatic, music & arts lover, volunteer, youth advocate

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Plan a hedge before you plant a hedge

Hedges are an increasingly common sight in residential landscapes and make a very welcome (albeit higher maintenance) alternative to a fence. Before putting in...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Vines & Climbers

Vines are a beautiful and welcome addition to nearly any yard or garden! There are both annual and perennial vines, and what you choose to plant is determined...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram


It’s painful but we really must talk about it…those unwanted visitors that keep popping up in your yard. I’m not talking about the in-laws;...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home is easy and rewarding! If you’ve never grown tomatoes at home before, the following information should help you get started...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Great Herbs from a Kitchen Garden

Wow, doesn’t it sounds idyllic…Frank Sinatra crooning over the airwaves, a scintillating breeze tickling the kitchen drapes, pasta cooking on the stove...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Starting Your Own Hanging Baskets

The end of April – mid May is the best time to start your own amazing hanging baskets. From herbs to veggies to flowers, growing plants in hanging containers...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing the perfect potato

The month of April marks the beginning of vegetable gardening season, and would any veggie garden be truly complete without a potato patch? Growing tasty...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden

Hummingbirds are beautiful, fascinating little creatures and it is easy to attract them to your garden! Alberta is home to four species of hummingbird- the...

Columnists - Tricia Ingram

Growing Herbs

Herbs are very easily grown and cultivated here on the prairies, and they are inexpensive and very rewarding. In order to grow and use herbs properly, there...

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