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  • Stop signs and red lights ignored

    I am writing this as it has been more than 6 times this last week alone, that I feel I am putting myself in harms’ way as well as any passengers by driving North across 17th ave West Chestermere Drive and past Chestermere Station Way.
    This area has heavy traffic because of the retailers on the East side of the road, (mainly Tim Horton’s). I would avoid this area totally but since it is the only way into this area I have no choice. I want to support local businesses and have to if I want to get groceries, go to the Library, pick up my client for work, and use my bank.
    It seems that it is such a long wait for traffic to get across West Chestermere Station way that drivers do not actually stop at the stop signs just a tap and go, or seem to misunderstand what a stop sign means, will cut off vehicles heading North or South on the West Chestermere Way, possibly because they are annoyed at waiting for traffic to clear before it is safe to cross.
    Also heading straight North crossing 17 ave does have the right of way over vehicles turning Left across our path, yet drivers continually cut off drivers heading straight.
    There has been times I have to sit and wait at a green light as there are people turning Right into the Tim Horton’s parking lot and the road is blocked, because there is a line up to go through the drive through. Great for the business of selling coffee but not safe for driving.
    Being a pedestrian is even worse trying to get across these roads.
    Is there ever a police presence there to witness these almost road collisions?
    I am being sarcastic but maybe I am missing that there is a new bylaw that we do not have to actually stop at stop signs or red lights in Chestermere.
    There is no lines painted on these roads to show there is 2 lanes, so sometimes people drive in the middle, which can cause issues as well people getting impatient trying to get around them.
    I am aware that there will be a new lights opening up a bit more West along 17th ave but this still does not solve the issue of drivers cutting across me to turn left on to 17th ave when I have the right of way going straight or over cars turning Right off 17th ave. to turn into Tim Horton’s.
    It is only a matter of time before there is accidents.
    Is there any way we could change the lights to have a green arrow for turning cars and then a green light for going straight? Or a green light for cars heading East on to 17th and South to West Chestermere Drive, then a green light for traffic heading North across 17Ave. and turning Left heading West on 17th?
    Debbie Switzer-Cook
    248 West Creek Court
    403 207 3473