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  • Mistake that gutted Alberta’s political opposition

    Dear Editor:

    So now that the word is out that Airdrie MLA, Rob Anderson, will not seek re-election when the time comes, I wonder if our local MLA will acknowledge that he also has made an enormous and embarrassing mistake.  Instead of “making Alberta stronger”, Bruce McAllister, and the eight other former Wildrose MLAs floor-crossers, effectively gutted Alberta’s political opposition–something we desperately need in order to hold government to account in economic hard-times.
    There have been rumours circulating for some time that Rob Anderson planned on transitioning into private legal practice.  And following the enormous backlash in Airdrie, I believe that he merely up’ed this planned transition.
    The big question for our local–now PC–MLA is whether he will admit to the gravity of his error.  He blindly walked a political gangplank behind Anderson who planned to transition out of politics the whole time.  
    It’s a difficult lesson to learn, but never follow someone who has nothing to lose.
    Derek James