Tax hike unreasonable

Well here we are not even 6 months since becoming a city and what do I get in the mail? My tax assessment. A quick calculation of my monthly contribution indicates just less than a 12% hike. That’s right 12%. So I wonder why the increase, a lot of my fellow Chestermereians are losing their jobs and we have fallen on hard times as a province. Maybe it the 100% increase in snow removal (I saw the snowplow twice on my street this year). Or maybe the street sweeper they came by twice. Maybe it’s the wonderful new beach!
I called my son in Calgary, my new tax rate is $5 less than double what he pays. In fairness I choose to live in Chestermere and the tax base is smaller but come on, 12%! I can only imagine what the folks on the lake got hit with in the mail. Oh yeah and I can hardly wait to see what CUI has in store, after all our garbage collection has just tripled and they are building a new sewage facility.
City council, you asked me for a mandate not that long ago, I’m asking you to be reasonable. This behaviour will drive people out of Chestermere.

Brad Kingdon

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