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  • Where are the campaign promises?

    Anybody Else Think This Is Wrong?
    2009. Alberta Sustainability Fund has 17 billion dollars in it. Or, just to put it in perspective, our Progressive Conservative government could have paid cash for 13 cancer centres that have been promised since Klein was premier. Now it’s 2015 after 5 years of unprecedented oil revenues and they have no money for a desperately needed facility. Or schools. Or roads. Of course they’ve buckled down and announced a draconian 5% cut in cabinet ministers’ $200,000+ salaries. Before you start taking up collections to send them cases of Kraft Dinner remember they don’t have to pay for gas, car washes, most meals, and still get over 20 grand a year into their RRSPs. Perhaps Bruce McAllister should rethink the company he’s chosen to keep.
    Peter Tindall
    Chestermere, AB