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    Aging in Place Forum explored important community issues

    Thank you to the Anchor for last week’s excellent coverage of our “Aging in Place” Forum that took place on Thursday, September 22nd . It was held to promote awareness and to explore a glaring need in our community, the need for a care facility for our senior citizens and others who need special care.
    Currently when our aging residents can no longer live in their own homes, whether due to mobility issues, disease, chronic disability or dementia, there is nowhere for them to go except Calgary or outlying municipalities, leaving spouses, children and grandchildren and friends behind, often only to go to a life of isolation, loneliness and depression. In any of the surrounding towns and villages, there is some kind of care facility for those who need it. Sadly, we do not have this.
    Kudos to all of you for your contributions at the Forum and particularly to the many of you who signed up to continue on with the work of getting this done.
    We’re not through yet. We know this great City of Chestermere is a place where people “roll up their sleeves and get ‘er done.” And we THANK YOU and CONGRATULATE you. Please don’t let this energy diminish and don’t let this gap in our community lay unaddressed any longer.
    Respectfully yours,
    Sherri Standish, Elaine Peake and the Forum Planning Committee