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    Area Structure Plan for Langdon debated again

    Dear Editor,
    The Area Structure Plan for Langdon is being debated once again within the community with all aspects of the plan to be discussed at a meeting on February, 24th. 2016.
    One of the items to be discussed at that meeting will undoubtedly be the front yard aesthetics of our community.
    Section 8.6 items a) and b) promote such aesthetics and note the desirability of pleasant looking front yards in what is essentially a rural residential setting.
    Further to that, it needs to be noted, that land titles in the Boulder Creek subdivision of Langdon require that, by a signed and acknowledged covenant by all title holders in the subdivision, householders be required to adhere to certain standards with regard to the parking or storage of recreational vehicles.
    To date far too many householders ignore this simple requirement aided and abetted, I have no doubt, by those selling house/land packages within the subdivision.
    A covenant is a promise made by the title holder to abide by the terms of the covenant and it is disturbing to note the many of us who quite willingly break our promises.
    It is to be hoped that our municipal council (RVC) will abide by the standards they have explicitly laid out in the proposed Langdon Area Structure Plan and formally adopt a bylaw mimicking those requirements as outlined in the covenant we have all signed and acknowledged.

    Yours faithfully,
    Phillip Grimison