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  • Holiday Trailer Parking in Boulder Creek

    Dear Editor,
    Re: Holiday Trailer Parking Causing a Stir in Boulder Creek – Langdon News – August 25th.

    The restrictive covenant that Mr. Ashdown refers to is much more restrictive than he asserts in that the trailer pad cannot be located to the front or rear of lots and that if a pad is to be located in the side yard of such lots the pad is to be enclosed by a wooden fence.

    Council has been made aware of this covenant many times over as has Mr. Ashdown and further to that, at meetings regarding the Langdon Area Structure Plan at which Mr. Ashdown was in attendance, concerns were voiced.

    A presentation to Council was made on March 8th. this year regarding this problem, Mr. Ashdown was in attendance at that presentation.

    Mr. Ashdown notes in his comments that most people have their trailer in storage during the winter months – this again is untrue as those people who do abide by the covenant and those who keep their trailers on their properties only prior to and immediately after are in the minority.

    I have tried to have official action started regarding this matter but have received no support from Council, including Mr. Ashdown, or the Administration.

    It should also be remembered that a covenant is a promise made and it is concerning to me that there are so many people in Boulder Creek whose word is obviously not binding.

    Finally as is noted in the August 25 letter the worst abusers of the covenant are the developer and house builders as they quite openly attempt to sell lots in contravention of their own covenant yet at the same time have purchasers sign a covenant stating that they acknowledge the terms of the covenant.

    Yours faithfully,
    Phillip Crimson