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    Insinuations not accurate, nor fair

    I wanted to spend a few minutes to respond to the article by our current MLA, Ms. Aheer, who represents our region in the legislature.
    Personally, I have no problems with the way Ms. Aheer keeps us in the loop as far as what is happening in Edmonton, I have always believed in strong communication skills build good character, and it’s simply part of her job to keep us informed, whether or not, we are supporters of the Wild Rose, or other parties.
    However, I do take exception with her comments regarding the appointment of a AUPE Labor Negotiator, to handle upcoming negotiations with the unions, in particular, I take personal exception to the manner in which Ms. Aheer & her party, seem to insinuate that because this individual is a labor negotiator, that represents some sort of under handed politics on behalf of the NDP gov’t! In addition, her insinuation that this individual is not of good character? because he is a current member of a Union!
    I should point out that instilling confidence in the process is up to the parties who are negotiating the agreements, and only between those parties, will there be or not be a degree of confidence and professionalism is always decided during the negotiation process, this point needs to be very clear.
    I also take exception to Mr. Derek Fildebrandt, another Wild Rose member of the legislature, who seems to be of the opinion that most unions are greedy, money hungry, people, who have no morals, etc.
    To quote Ms. Aheer, via Mr. Fildebrandt “Hiring a top AUPE union negotiator is like having the fox guard the hen house” I find those comments particularly insulting personally, and not a comment that should really be made in public, since I am sure many of her constituents belong to some form of organized labor? not a smart move on her part?
    It is certainly no secret that Albertans and others in Western Canada are struggling, and so yes, we all must watch our expenditures to make sure that we can make ends meet in this very challenging economy, but singling out a profession, or group of people, and insinuating that they are money hunger, manipulators, is simply unfair, and has no place in the general discussion of current economic conditions.
    As a past member of the Wild Rose party, I can now see why this party has not been able to make any inroads into the Major Cities of AB. Those types of stereotyping, have not place in any discussion period! I suggest your party spend their time trying to figure out how they can grow, and challenge our current gov’t in the next election.
    Like the old phrase goes, those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones! Get the point Ms. Aheer!

    P. D. Graham.