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  • Low flying planes directly overhead

    We have lived in Chestermere for 10 years now, in the community of Rainbow Falls. We have always enjoyed the quietness and the small town feel that Chestermere has offered. However, that changed when the new runway at the Calgary Airport opened. We started to notice more aircraft flying over Chestermere, but it didn’t seem to be a regular occurrence, at least not until this spring.
    It was back in April that we started to notice more aircraft flying over the City, and in particular over our home in Rainbow Falls. There were numerous times that we would be sitting in the backyard and we could look straight up into the sky and see low flying planes directly overhead. We enjoy our yard, and really enjoy spending time outdoors, especially when the weather is warm. But this hasn’t been the case for months now. We can’t carry on a conversation when the planes are flying over due to the noise. It is not very enjoyable to barbeque or even eat outside when there are planes constantly flying over head. I tried to sit outside the other night and enjoy the cool air of the evening only to watch the planes flying directly over head. Between 8:45pm and 9:40pm there were 13 planes that flew directly over me as I sat on my back deck. That is basically 1 plane every 4 minutes. I see no reason for aircraft to be flying directly over the homes in Rainbow Falls when there are open fields directly to the West and South of the community.
    I am not sure if others have noticed the increase in air traffic over the city but if you have, I urge you to speak up so that something can be done. The Calgary Airport Authority has 2 options for registering aircraft concerns: one is the Noise Concern Web Form on their website which can be found by doing an internet search for “yyc noise concern form”, and the other is a dedicated hotline 403-735-1408, both of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also recommend contacting the city of Chestermere directly. Chestermere should be involved in any and all meetings that the Calgary Airport Authority holds, as we are directly affected by the aircraft and the flight paths that are being followed. Our silence may be looked upon as acceptance, and I fear that will only lead to an even further increase in air traffic over our city.
    C Baron