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    Thank you for supporting anti-bullying campaign

    thank you PiP-Logo

    Synergy would like to thank everyone that has lent a helping hand in making ‘Pretty in Pink’ such a successful campaign. It was great to have such a turn out and we are glad to inform you that we were capable of collecting a couple of hundred dollars!
    Its such a wonderful feeling for our youth group to experience the connection that we had with our community. Taking a stand against bullying was demonstrated proudly in both Chestermere and Langdon so we like to thank the Public for supporting us.
    Also we would like to thank all the local stores, as well as the high school, for being a part of this and being both considerate and acceptable to the message and without them this campaign wouldn’t have had the same rate of success that it has right now!
    Not to forget, a huge thank you to prairie waters school that gave us a great chance to pour our hearts out through a successful yet emotional assembly.
    Thanks to everyone and we look forward to working with you again!
    Rayane Issa
    YELL Member