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  • The Neighbourhood Manifesto


    Creating an amazing city or neighbourhood is less about a silver bullet solution and more about rediscovering a lost art. A neighbourhood manifesto helps us see with new focus the ways in which we are all invited to bring life to the places where we live. New language can inspire us to nurture community and aspire to create a dynamic thriving city of abiding hope and grace.

    We’re for Facebook mentions that lead to face-to-face connections
    We’re for listening to stories, and creating even more
    We’re not afraid of crisis or pain, it will come; we’re in this together
    We’re expecting mistakes, grace is the cornerstone of our city
    We’re for hand delivered cards, not trading barbs
    We’re for sharing our BBQ steak and our Kraft Dinner, there’s always room at the table
    We’re for loving enemies and making allies
    We’re for surprising our neighbours with fresh hot biscuits, not bylaw tickets
    We’re for kids, we slow down and we get to know them
    We’re for joining in whatever is already happening, cheering good things along
    We’re more than residents or citizens, we’re neighbours
    We’re sure that making our neighbourhoods welcoming places will always be the better way
    We’re for generosity experiments and sneaky acts of kindness
    We’re for throwing snowballs and block parties, not tirades
    We’re for bringing the best out in others, and for being in our neighbour’s corner
    We’re for forgiveness
    We’re for waiting when patience is needed
    We’re discovering that the best security system is a well connected neighbourhood
    We’re setting the DNA of our city – for good or bad
    We’re here for a purpose, our neighbourhood is better because we’re in it
    We’re for celebrating what we have right now, not angry about what we don’t
    We’re sure that the small things are important, in fact they may be the most important
    We’re for our teachers, our firefighters, our politicians, our barbers, and our tattoo artists
    We’re neighbourhood environmentalists, creating space for growth
    We’re for creating cultures of trust
    We’re discovering that a neighbourhood is more like a garden, and less like a veneer
    We’re convinced the people around us are amazing, unique, rare, and eternally valuable
    We’re for solving problems over coffee, not over a pitchfork
    We’re fluent in the language of potlucks, garden parties, and impromptu marshmallow roasts
    We’re for good ideas, and the courage to see them happen
    We’re sure we can do this together
    This is my Neighbourhood Manifesto