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  • A better awareness of surroundings for safety

    Dear Editor

    February 17,2017, Friday there was a girl hit on fourth Avenue in Langdon and unfortunately it was a hit-and-run!
    Now I am not trying to make people mad or upset. I live here in Langdon and I’m absolutely appalled when I’m driving on the streets of Langdon how many people I see walking with their backs to the traffic.
    Now when I grew up as a young boy going to school I was always taught to walk facing the traffic and I may say its not just the children – adults, people walking their dog, all kinds of people are walking up and down the streets of Langdon with their backs to the traffic. That’s parents and children.
    I think, personally, that it’s up to us as the whole community to try and get into better awareness of what’s happening in our surroundings while we are all sharing the road. Now, for instance, if you’re facing the traffic and somebody gets too close whatever the reason is – if it’s impairment from alcohol, drugs, or stupidity you have a chance to jump out of the way but with your back to the traffic you tell me what chance do you really have?
    I don’t mean to be offensive to anybody in any way shape or form ,but I have lived here for the last 13 years and nothing has changed. For instance when I come off at Douglas Avneue and I turn right onto 4th street where schools being let out ,where the S curves are, and see parents sitting in their vehicles creating a problem for kids to run in between the vehicles and out on the road. Now the speed limit in the school zone is 30 kmh when school is getting out. Trust me I drive a lot slower than that and yet I have seen people come through there when schools being out. Come on people think about this really. We really do not need another tragedy in Langdon let’s all kinda work together and start thinking of being a little safer out on the road driving, walking or whatever.
    Yours truly,
    Willy of Langdon