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    A Timeless – and hilarious – Look at Romance

    This was an interesting performance for me with the script and lyrics written by Joe DiPietro and the upbeat tunes composed by Jimmy Roberts.
    Normally I have a pretty clear-cut feeling after a performance, usually one of enjoying it, but this particular show gave me pause.
    Perhaps it had to do with the subject matter, perhaps the uniqueness of it or maybe it’s just me. Even when this production made its debut, this amiable musical, which considers the dating scene during the first act and suburban married life in the second.
    To start, let’s talk about the uniqueness.
    This show was unique in that it only had four actors. These actors played many different roles throughout as we walked through the many different stages of love and romance that affect us during our lives.
    From awkward first dates to proposals and then onto kids, families, and the loss of a loved one, this covered just about every stage of one’s life and tried to explain most of it comedically.
    Granted much of it was quite fun and the audience enjoyed themselves, so it was still an entertaining evening.
    Whether playing young couples just meeting to seniors in their twilight years you bought into the characters and the experiences they portrayed.
    The cast casually drew you into the angst of a young couples first date and they also brought to life the effect children, death and more have on us.
    With fast costume changes and a simple yet very effective set that quickly and efficiently evolved during the show it was easy to get drawn into all the moments without being distracted.
    Now, before I wrap up, I need to talk about the band. It would be amiss of me to not bring them up. Their music and occasional spotlights helped the show move along and they provided their own comedic moments as well.
    “I love you, you’re perfect, now change” is a cute show in spite of its occasional threadbare patches, and remains a wonderful evening get away with your spouse or significant other, especially here at Calgary’s Stage west where And as always, the food was quite enjoyable, I’d recommend you don’t miss out on the ginger beef!