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  • Chestermere has a mighty neighbourly attitude

    On Saturday, September 9th, 2017 my husband Mel and I experienced first- hand why Chestermere has a Mighty Neighbourly attitude! The morning started out with the Chestermere Agricultural Society’s parade.
    Mel had decided he would like to be a part of the parade and advertise his running for council. His parade entry was a Razor ATV, which a generous friend and neighbor lent him. We decorated it with Mel’s banners and filled it up with lots of candy. Ready to go, with our grandkids ready to help throw candy, we excitedly took our place in the parade.
    Before we got too far, the Razor overheated and stalled….no more parade for the Razor! Mel, with his guide dog Walker, and the grandkids took what candy they could carry and decided to walk the parade route instead.
    And then I was able to see Community in Action! A stranger came up to me and said he had a brand new ATV and that he would help us finish the parade. We took the banners from the sides of the Razor and did a quick paste on and we were off to catch up with the crew. Funny thing, when we caught up with Mel, he was chatting with people along the route and was in no hurry to catch the parade.
    As we drove along the route I was able to visit a bit with my new found friend, his name is David Steinman, and he is a very generous but humble person, he asked for nothing in return for his time and effort. I was blown away at the kindness he showed to us… he missed the parade, as did the others who helped us get the Razor off the road so that the rest of the parade could go by.
    Mel and I would like to thank ALL who stepped up to help us get the Razor parked, and to watch over it until it could be picked up.
    Thank you again to David who at the end of the day said he would help out anytime with anything we needed. Bless you for your kindness David.
    Again I say, this is what makes a community; it’s the Mighty Neighbourly attitude.
    –Gwen Foat