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    Chestermerian shot while helping others escape in Las Vegas mass shooting

    Chestermerian shot steve-arruda

    Steve Arruda and his wife, Elaine, were attending the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas when gunfire erupted on the grounds. Photo Steve Arruda

    Like thousands of other concert goers, Chestermere’s Steve and Elaine Arruda were in Las Vegas to have fun and listen to country music when bullets started to fly Oct. 1.
    In the chaos that followed, Steve was shot in the upper leg after he helped six or seven people get over a fence to safety.
    “He got his wife over the wall and told her to run to safety then helped others,” said James Kelly, a friend of Steve’s.
    He underwent surgery the next day in a Las Vegas hospital to remove the bullet fragments from his leg.
    After a short stay in intensive care, Arruda was released back to his hotel before returning home via an air ambulance Oct. 4
    “He’s in relatively good spirits all things considered,” said Kelly.
    Kelly said that he wasn’t surprised to hear that Arruda was wounded after helping others.
    “He’s that kind of guy, he goes out of his way for his friends,” said Kelly.
    “He really is a stand-up guy,” he said.
    Once the news of the shooting and Chestermere’s connection to it hit social media there was an immediate outpouring of support and offers of help for the Arruda’s on the Facebook Page I Love Chestermere.
    The shooting in Las Vegas is the worst in Modern US history with nearly 60 people killed and over 500 injured.