City’s newest park nears completion

    Laying Sod_MG_2747

    Laurie Dunn was one of over 20 volunteers who came out to help lay sod and work on the landscaping at the new Reidbuilt Centre for Community Leadership July 8. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Commuters who head into Calgary along Chestermere Boulevard may have noticed that the park located on the southeast corner of the intersection with Rainbow Road is nearing completion.
    “We’re probably 80 per cent complete,” said City of Chestermere’s Parks and Recreation Manager Kathy Russell.
    City Crews, volunteers, landscaping companies and other contractors have been busy installing the irrigation system and preparing and planting the flower beds and adding mulch.
    The site was also graded prior to volunteers coordinated by Synergy laying the sod on July 8.
    Russell said that the volunteers and landscaping companies have made amazing contributions to the development of the park.
    “Not just one weekend or a day but throughout the whole summer and late spring they’ve been there,” she said, “there’s been a huge commitment.”
    “It’s really quite astonishing,” said Russell.
    The park’s grand opening and volunteer appreciation event is scheduled for Sept. 22 with more details to be announced this summer.
    The park should be open to the public, possibly with some fencing to protect some of the flower beds, prior to the grand opening.
    The park, sometimes referred to as Boulevard Park, will be getting a new name once all the work is completed.
    “We are intending to consider a name,” said Russell, “Synergy is coordinating some public engagement and getting feedback from…the volunteers and all the groups that have been involved.”
    City council will have the final approval for a new name for the park.
    As Chestermere’s newest park, whatever it gets named, it is designed to be a welcoming entry to the city.
    “One of the original thoughts of the group of volunteers was that they wanted to create a really high end, beautiful park that people would see when they drive into the city,” said Russell.
    The vision, which has nearly come to fruition, was for a nicely landscaped park with trees and flower beds that is inviting and welcoming both to residents in the area and visitors as they drive past.
    The park also augments the city’s existing parks in providing leisure space for Chestermere’s residents.
    “The purpose would be for…leisure and recreation and just for people to enjoy,” said Russell.
    “But also to support the community groups that are using the centre for community leadership,” she said.
    The park also provides some shade and less of a barren feel to the next door skatepark.
    “It’ll just be a much nicer atmosphere,” said Russell.