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  • Councilor Bold Displays Integrity and Transparency

    Dear Editor,
    After reading Councilor Bold’s response this week to “Letters of Intent”, I am confident we will be well represented in chambers. She has displayed transparency through the explanation in the Letter to the Editor last week along with the integrity not to sign or accept documents she has not seen or had time to review.
    The question begs:
    • Did all other members of council have a chance to review the 6 Letters of Intent?
    • Did all other members of council rely on the word of Administration in voting to accept the 6 Letters of Intent?
    • Did council meet to discuss each Letter of Intent, if not, why not? A hasty decision to expedite documents is usually followed by longer timeframe of excuses and explanation leading to delays in development.
    • Is it common practice that Administrative staff read and review such documents and then advise Council how they should vote on those documents? This disturbing practice may indicate past practice and explain past inappropriate direction.

    Councilor Bold is a breath of fresh air in her approach to addressing the interests and concerns of the citizens of Chestermere in an attempt to build the future of our city in a controlled, positive and manageable direction. This is a city of immense potential and possibilities.
    Keep asking those though questions Councilor, good on you, and thank you.
    Ken Prusky, Chestermere