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  • Council’s Vote to Accept the Letters of Intent

    After reading the information package sent out by the city for the November 20th council meeting and the article in the Anchor (dated the 16th of November) regarding the Letters of Intent, I had a number of questions for Council. As stated in the Anchor article all councillors (other than Councillor Bold) voted to accept the letters of intent. The article also made it clear that Administration (Director of Economic Development) advised Council that accepting the letters of intent will not affect Councils future decisions on the industrial park.
    The one question asked of Council was, please explain why they voted yes or no and if they reviewed the letters of intent before they voted? No councillor that voted to accept the letters of intent reviewed the letters. To accept the letters of intent without looking at them is concerning.
    Remember, this land was purchased using city funds to service the loan. This was an opportunity to understand the impact the industrial park will have on residents.
    • Based on the letters of intent will the land sale generate a profit for the city?
    • Do the letters of intent impact the city’s future financial commitments?
    • How do the letters of intent impact the residential taxes?
    It is understood that this could be evaluated in the future but this is an opportunity to ask those questions and evaluate the answers. This is not an attempt to second guess the decision of council but trying to understand the decision. I respect all of Council members and understand they have only been in place for a period of 30 days. There is an intense learning curve for the new Council member and their decisions are made in the best interest of the residents. As a team (residents and Council) need to learn together and embrace two way communications. We all understand the need to grow the non-residential tax base as quick as possible. Decisions around the industrial park must be made thoughtfully. None of us (including Council) want a repeat of CUI.
    My concern is, if you are voting to accept the letters of intent, should you not review their content?

    Al Kersch