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  • Elections are serious business

    And so is running a city. As we approach election time we need to all consider deeply exactly who is voted in. Municipal elections should be neither a popularity contest nor simply a negative vote. While the desire to serve is a noble one; simply because people WANT to serve does not mean they are QUALIFIED to do so.

    As Chestermere continues to grow and face more and greater challenges we need people who have the right qualifications and experience for that position. Council must make hundreds of decisions each year and they need to be able to make those decisions for the good of everyone who lives in this great place. They need to be able to make those decisions from a perspective of broad understanding and more than simply a short-term view or “quick-fix”. We have watched the challenges and mistakes made at the provincial and federal levels by inexperienced and unqualified representatives and we certainly cannot afford that here at home.

    However, when I speak of experience I am not referring simply to political experience. I’m talking about people who are strategic thinkers and understand how to negotiate. People who are comfortable with the large budgets and operating challenges we have in Chestermere. People who understand financials at more than just a surface level. Perhaps most important of all, people who are straight shooters and pretty much tell-it-like-it-is folks.

    We are in a challenging period in Chestermere’s history with many of us struggling to find a way to bridge a content past with a prosperous future. We have many concerns including property taxes, CUI rates, control of resources, public services and more. I believe such growing pains are natural and can be worked through, by the right group providing clear direction to the CAO.

    When it comes time to cast your ballot be sure you have researched the candidates. Cast your vote for experience (the right type of experience) and a proven track record of honest and ethical behaviour. Our province is lucky to get 50% voter turnout and that is abysmal.

    When October 16th rolls around make your voice heard. Cast your ballot and ensure it is an intelligent, informed choice.

    Stephen Mackisoc