Haunted house open for business

    Haunted House_B1J9147

    Mike Koroll poses in the kitchen scene of his haunted house built in the driveway of his home on Westchester Blvd. and Crimson Lane. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    If you like to be scared then Dr. Giggles House of Pain has just the prescription for you.
    Located at the intersection of Westchester Blvd and Crimson Lane the annual haunted house built by Mike Koroll and his neighbours has officially opened.
    “We’re really excited,” said Koroll.
    “The scenes look awesome, probably better than ever,” he said.
    After hearing some people say last year’s house wasn’t that scary, Koroll has risen to the challenge.
    “Its significantly scarier and gorier,” he said.
    While parents need to gauge what their children can handle, Koroll thinks the haunted house is probably best suited for kids 11 and up.
    Chestermere residents Matthew and Sonja McMeekin went through the house on Oct. 21 and said Koroll has succeeded in making the house frightening.
    “I got scared,” said Sonja who really liked that the haunted house was supporting the food bank.
    She said the best and scariest part is the live actors lying in wait inside the house.
    “They jump out and they scare the bejeepers out of you,” she said.
    Koroll said that his favourite room is the kitchen scene built in his garage but admits there might be one or two others that are scarier.
    With a sneak peek on Oct. 16, the haunted house, themed this year as Hillbilly Hell, opened for the weekend of Oct. 20 – 22.
    While it will be closed during the week, Koroll said it will reopen from 7-9:30 on Oct. 29-30 and stay open until the last person gets through on Halloween.
    Admission is with a donation to the Chestermere Regional Food Bank.