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    The CUI public board meeting was going good until the CEO compensation became a point of discussion. After listening to this exchange I became very disillusioned. The Chair person for the CUI Board of Directors was justifying the CEO’s (Leigh-Ann Paulter) annual compensation of $355,000 (salary, bonus, pension & benefits). The justification was more than disappointing. The residents once again must live with poor decisions made by people that are out of touch with our reality. Leigh-Ann, (in my opinion) has done more for this city in a short period of time then our current city leaders have over a 10 year period. Leigh-Ann, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. You have demonstrated true transparency & honesty through our many discussions. You may deserve $355,000 but Chestermere cannot afford to support that level of compensation. This is what happens when people out of touch with our reality make discussions without considering the residents. Now we as Chestermere residents must live with this decision. We have a great city and I am proud to say I live in Chestermere. Chestermere residence must take control of their city to ensure it is affordable. The fall election is our time to take control. We all must become informed and not just listen to words.
    Vote for the people that can provide:
    The most important thing we all must do is VOTE!!!

    Al Kersch