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    Marshall Chalmers wins Mayor’s race

    Election Results Graphic

    With 2628 votes, Marshall Chalmers is the unofficial winner and next Mayor of Chestermere.
    “To me today is day one, we’re going to draw a line in the sand and we’re going to take this community forward in a positive way,” said Chalmers.
    The results of the election will be confirmed as official on Oct. 20.
    Chalmers is joined on Council by Laurie Bold, Cathy Burness, Mel Foat, Ritesh Narayan, Yvette Wagner and Michelle Young.
    Wearing a hat decorated with the word mayor that was given to him by his campaign team, Chalmers celebrated his win with supporters at West Creek Pub on election night.
    “I’ve got a great campaign team,” he said.
    For Chalmers and his team, the win caps months of work to earn resident’s trust and support. He started his election campaign back in May.
    “I made up my mind early that I wanted to be the Mayor of Chestermere,” he said.
    Chalmers credits his victory to his door knocking campaign and the connection to residents made there.
    “It’s all about going to the doors and listening to what the people had to say,” said Chalmers.
    He said after knocking on all the doors in Chestermere he knows exactly where residents want the city to go.
    “The people were very clear, they’re looking for relief in and some reasonableness to the taxation and to their utilities,” he said.
    “There’s lots of issues but number one, number two at the door was exactly that,” said Chalmers.
    “From what I can tell all the people running for council heard the same thing,” he said.
    Looking at the councilors that have been elected alongside him, Chalmers said he beliefs it won’t be too hard to get all of council working towards the same goals.
    Along with working on taxes and utility rates, Chalmers wants to heal the divisions in the community.
    “I know there’s a lot of hurt in the community just from going door to door,” he said.
    “Now it’s time…lets come together as a community and start moving forward…in a positive fashion,” said Chalmers.
    Like Chalmers, newly elected Councillor Mel Foat is ready to get to work.
    “If we could get started tomorrow, I’m ready to go,” he said.
    Foat and the rest of council will have to wait until they are sworn in on Oct. 23.
    Unlike Chalmers, Foat along with Cathy Burness and Michelle Young waited at the recreation centre for the results to be released.
    “I am ecstatic and eager to get started,” said Burness minutes after the results were announced.
    Michelle Young, who garnered the most votes of any councilor with 2510, echoed Burness’ feelings.
    “I’m so excited,” she said.
    “I think it’s a good diverse group and I’m excited to get in and do the work,” said Young.
    The city reported that nearly 5000 votes were cast in the election almost double from the 2013 election.
    In addition to the city council election, Shali Baziuk was elected as the Rocky View Schools Trustee for Chestermere and Cheryl Low was re-elected as the Catholic School Board Trustee.