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    Meet your 2017 council candidates – Mo Gill

    Mo Gill

    Mo Gill Photo Submitted

    For the past three years, Mo Gill has been going on daily walks or jogging along the lake all the while enjoying the great community.
    He has decided to run for council this election to do his part to keep Chestermere a great place to live and recreate.
    “I’m running for council so that I may be more involved in the community,” he said.
    Gill wants to work towards “making Chestermere a great place for its citizens and visitors for years to come.”
    He comes to the race for council with no political experience but does hold a Masters of Science in Statistics which he said will help him to analyze city reports.
    He also has experience in all aspects of business from his work in both the hospitality and farming industries.
    One of his proudest accomplishments in business has been guiding two different business out of receivership into successful operations that he is still running 30 years later.
    He is focusing his campaign on three areas, reigning in the increasing costs at CUI and City hall, reducing crime in the city, improvements to the off-leash park to better separate dog walkers from other parks users.
    “I feel one of the main issues is the operating costs and price increases happening with the CUI and City Hall taking more and more money from the hard-working families of the community,” said Gill.
    He believes that in addition to reigning in operating costs, the city needs to bring in more commercial businesses to take the tax burden off the residents.
    He isn’t against continued development in the city though. In particular, Gill would like to see more housing options in the city.
    “We need to attract affordable housing for not only seniors but for families,” he said.
    Gill would also like to work with the city of Calgary to find ways to make Calgary transit accessible to Chestermere.
    With these issues in mind, Gill plans to work during the election period to get to know the residents of Chestermere and find out what their concerns are and how he can best represent them on council.
    “I believe it’s a people’s government made for the people, made by the people, should work for the people and be answerable to the people,” he said.
    Gill can be contacted with questions or comments at mgill@mail.com.