Meet your 2017 council candidates – Yvette Wagner

    Yvette Wagner

    Yvette Wagner Photo Submitted

    Chestermere and area has been home to Yvette Wagner her whole life.
    She has always believed in doing her homework, and in doing that, learning the issues facing the city she has decided to seek a position on city council this election.
    “Doing my own due diligence is an integral part of who I am as a person whether it is the professional environment or my home environment,” she said.
    Wagner described herself as an information seeker.
    Since she decided to run for council, she has spent hours researching the issues facing the city.
    “When it is something you care so much about, it doesn’t feel like work but rather a puzzle you are piecing together to ensure you get the whole picture,” said Wagner.
    So far in her research Wagner has identified several key issues that the new council will need to take steps to address.
    “Our city is facing some unique challenges and it will come down to how we prioritize those challenges as to what steps will be taken in response to them,” she said.
    “The common-sense part is simply that we need to minimize spending and increase revenues,” said Wagner.
    She said that Chestermere’s non-residential tax assessment ratio in 2016 was four per cent.
    “Which means that the remaining 96 per cent was being paid by you and me (residential),” said Wagner.
    The challenge for the city is to do better at attracting industry to Chestermere.
    Wagner believes that attracting and retaining industry needs to be a thoughtful process that involves residents.
    She said that other issues that residents have expressed to her include: seniors housing, public transit implementation and public safety.
    Wagner works as a paralegal and will bring those skills along with her love of researching to council.
    “I am familiar with navigating legal documents, legislation, bylaws, minutes, contracts, various computer programs etc. because that is what I have spent my life doing,” she said.
    Her strategy both for the election and on council is to just be herself.
    “My real goal…is to just be myself and to continue being myself, if elected, throughout the four-year term so that at the end I can look myself in the mirror and know I did my absolute best to serve our city,” said Wagner.
    If elected, Wagner hopes that she and the rest of council will be able to guide the city forward responsibly and with resident’s concerns at the forefront.
    “Let’s get back to basics where revenue and expenses are in check, where planning for the future isn’t forgotten and where we take back the equity in our city,” she said.
    She believes that the new council will need to learn to work with the new strengths and experience each member brings to the table.
    “Identifying those strengths and maximizing each person’s contribution of utilizing them will make for a more productive team,” she said.
    She believes one of her strengths will be to improve the city’s due diligence processes.
    “As a 30 year paralegal, my focus will be to expand the due diligence process ensuring informed decisions and best practices,” said Wagner.
    For more information on Wagner and her campaign visit her website at