NDP introduce final act to amend Municipal Government Act

    The NDP government has proposed changes that will strengthen Alberta’s Municipal Government Act (MGA) allowing municipalities to build stronger, sustainable communities.
    The proposed changes were announced in a press release April 10 and comes after consultation with Albertans.
    “We’re listening to Albertans and responding to their ideas for how our government can make practical changes that make their lives better,” said Minister of Municipal Affairs, Shaye Anderson.
    “These changes will make a real difference for how municipalities collaborate on what is important to families and communities.
    “I am very proud to be proposing the final touches to this legislation as we approach the finish line for the MGA review.” He said.
    The Act to Strengthen Municipal Government is the third and final act introduced to amend the MGA. It follows the Municipal Government Amendment Act in March of 2015 and the Modernized Municipal Government Act in May of 2016.
    In preparing the Act to Strengthen Municipal Government, the Provincial Government consulted with municipalities, community organizations, Indigenous groups, school boards, small businesses, industry and the public.
    In total 7,500 Albertan’s provided input in over 150 meetings for the MGA review.
    The act amends the MGA to enhance relationships between municipalities and Indigenous communities, this includes the implementation of a notification requirement.
    Once passed this will make Alberta the first province to legislate such a requirement.
    In another first, the act proposes to let neighbouring municipalities collaborate on off-site infrastructure.
    This would include partnering on recreation centres and libraries that will benefit everyone in the region.
    There are also changes made to promote collaboration between municipalities and school boards.
    “We appreciated working closely with Municipal Affairs on this legislation,” said Mary Martin, President of the Alberta School Boards Association in the release.