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    New council next election – some say yes

    Dear Editor
    I wanted to respond to the letter of Mr. Paquin, who stated that he wanted to address the” misleading statement ” of Mr. McAllister, who, in his opinion, that we are going to have a new council and mayor, come next election.
    Really Mr. Paquin, you think that in his opinion, this statement was not reality? I would strongly suggest Sir, that you get out of the house more often? I have personally spoken with many many residents over the past number of months, and believe me Sir, the reality is, that most people I have spoken with are not at all happy with the current council, actually, to the point where, they have gotten emotional with anger, and made very strong statements about what they would like to do to a number of our esteemed councilors, so your statement is way out of line with the majority of citizens who reside in this city.
    I think it would be safe to say that, rather than attack Mr. McAllisters character, you would be better served to actually get out and talk to people who live here, rather than use this platform to attack the integrity of an individual, who, in my opinion, served this riding with class and distinction, for 4 yrs.

    P. D. Graham.