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  • Nomination day is Sept 18. Don’t presume the results

    Normally, I don’t respond to articles in the paper or letters to the editor. I do however believe it’s necessary this time to address the misleading statement by our former PC MLA and current Executive Director for RockyView 2020, a development lobby group. Mr. McAllister states” the reality is….we’re going to have a new Council, we’re going to have a new Mayor”. I felt it was imperative to inform the public that this is not a reality but, in my opinion, a most presumptuous statement from an individual with his experience.
    My understanding is that Sept 18 is nomination day, when candidates make their declarations. I have seen no public releases stating the intentions of any of the current six Councillors about whether they are running or not.
    The only stated position that is being vacated is the Mayor’s chair. Regardless of his political past in Provincial politics, he must know that running for election at the municipal level is not a decision to be taken lightly.
    Each member of Council deserves the opportunity to decide whether they want to run again or not without that decision being declared on their behalf by a campaign manager or anyone else. Let’s hope this election encourages many people to seek facts and not hearsay so that informed decisions are made about who will be representing us all on Council.
    Richard Paquin