Seven Neighbourists That Bring Meaning to Our Community


    Neighbourists are those people who find meaning from neighbourhood by giving meaning to their neighbourhood. They have lifestyle that chooses to engage the place where they live by finding their hope, joy, and adventure there. Neighbourism is about discovering meaning, purpose, and significance in our neighbourhood and making it a personal goal to foster healthy connections. You might already be a neighbourist if you care for the people close to you and find ways to bring life to your street. If helping out your neighbours fills you with a sense of joy and peace, you’re well on your way.

    People engage their communities in different ways. Each approach to bringing meaning to our neighbourhoods is a gift and everyone has something to share. Here are seven different kinds of neighbourists who could live along your street.

    The Celebrator is someone who is always on the hunt for the good news happening in your community. Did someone have a baby, get a promotion, or just move to the community? Chances are that the Celebrator will be there with a gift and kind words of welcome. They love throwing a party.

    The Repairer is someone who makes things right again. If they hear of a broken fence or see you struggling to move a piece of furniture, they’re right there to help. They easily lend out tools and seem to have the know-how to fix (almost) anything.

    The De-Stressor is someone who moves slow and reminds people that life doesn’t need to be hectic or driven by anxiety. They are on their porch and do not worry about rushing to the next thing. They bring calm and peace wherever they go and often have food or drink to share.

    The Activator is someone who gets things going. They like to begin new projects and think about ways of bringing new life to the neighbourhood. Does your neighbourhood need a playground? Chances are that the Activator will be first in line to gather a team and get something started.

    The Caregiver is someone who quietly attends to the hurt in a community. They know how to sit long over coffee and listen to the concerns of others. If there is a loss in your neighbourhood, the Caregiver is often close by.

    The Includer is someone who knows what’s going on and makes sure others don’t miss out. They are story tellers and see the big picture. They are interested in speaking well of others, encouraging people of all ages, and are welcoming of everyone.

    The Discoverer is on the lookout for new ideas and possibilities for your neighbourhood. They have big dreams and see creative options for tough challenges. Discoverers have imagination enough to spare.

    Each neighbourist has an amazing gift to bring to their community. Which neighbourists live on your street and how do they make a difference? Which one are you?