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  • Students showcase the possible future of Langdon

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    Sarah Thompson School Grade 3 students completed a project about quality of life and what can be done to improve it in Langdon. Student Savannah Anderson stands with her model of a hotel which she feels would improve quality of life in Langdon by helping to bring visitors to the town. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Grade 3 students at Sarah Thompson School had the opportunity to show off their hard work investigating the quality of life in Langdon and how to improve it with future development.
    The students were excited to have the showcase Jan. 31 to display their work building their models of facilities that would improve life in Langdon to both their fellow students and to their parents.
    “They were so excited,” said Sarah Thompson School Grade 3 Teacher Marcia Hagedorn.
    She said that the kids interest’s and discovery really guided the development of the project. As part of the project, the students had to identify something that they felt would improve quality of life in Langdon.
    Hagedorn said that as the project went on the kids became more and more passionate about what they thought would have a positive impact on the quality of life in Langdon.
    “They went far beyond what we expected them to do,” she said, “for grade 3 students their critical thinking skills were absolutely amazing.”
    Some of the ideas that the students showcased included a specialty coffee shop, go-kart track, zoo and an RCMP detachment.
    Student Savannah Anderson thought that a hotel would make a positive contribution to Langdon.
    She proposed a pet friendly hotel with over 250 rooms, a swimming pool and an arcade.
    Anderson said that having a hotel would attract more people to travel to and visit Langdon and possibly convince them to move to town.
    “Maybe people would travel here and then…say they’d want to live here because they found out…how good Langdon actually is,” said Anderson.
    As a resident of Langdon, Anderson said her favourite thing about Langdon is how friendly people are.
    “Just a friendly little neighbourhood,” she said.
    In her research for the project, Anderson found a piece of land in the town that she thinks would make a good site for the hotel.
    “I kind of have an idea where it will go,” she said, “I found this open land and it said for sale.”
    Anderson wasn’t able to describe where the plot of land was but said it is in the town.
    She also identified some challenges that would have to be overcome to bring a hotel to Langdon.
    “I don’t know who will pay, who will work there, who will build it,” she said.
    Anderson had a lot of fun completing this project and really like researching and finding all the information for her proposed hotel.
    The project succeeded in all of its teaching goals said Teacher Joanna Hiller.
    “I think they have a great understanding of quality of life and what it means and will look like to them,” she said.