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    Town needs fiscal management skills

    I read with interest the article in the Jan. 19, 2016 edition of your paper about the upcoming City Council Elections. It appears to me that the current council is trying very hard to keep potential candidates away from the public trough. Especially those councillors who are on the Board of Directors of Chestermere Utilities.

    There has been enough written about Chestermere Utilities in the paper and the petition that this current council summarily dismissed. Suffice it to say that when I moved to Chestermere my “water” bill was $40.00 per month. Now my “utilities” bill is $200.00 per month. That is a 500% increase that is unbelievable in this day and age. My property taxes did not go down at all I believe when CUI took over.

    Now I see on my natural gas bill that there is a $17.00 per month Franchise Fee paid to the City of Chestermere. I suggest all citizens check their latest natural gas bill.

    When will it end? Chestermere has to be the most expensive city to live in in Alberta.

    My friends and neighbours have all discussed this at length. Our position is that we will only vote for prospective members of council who state publicly that they will disband Chestermere Utilities and bring some common sense to the fees we are all being forced to pay. I hope other citizens do the same.

    It is a pity that no one has run against the current mayor for years. We need someone with fiscal management skills in this position.

    Wayne Soderlund