Brand new summer festival coming to Langdon

Hamlet ready to host more events to promote the community

Langdon is hosting the first annual Family Fun Fest to help attract more people to the hamlet.

“I feel like Langdon only has one major event a year and that would be Langdon days,” said local real estate agent and Family Fun Fest organizer Amanda Beattie.

“During the summer people are always looking for ways to get their kids out of the house or get out of the house themselves.

“This is something to draw a crowd to our hamlet because not everybody knows where we are or what we’re about so it’s always nice for our businesses in town to bring in new faces,” Beattie said, “We wanted to provide something fun for the existing people as well.

“Langdon is a very social community, we as a group decided it would be a great way for everybody to get out and enjoy some fun and games,” Beattie added, “We want to provide an outlet for families to have fun and get away from their backyards for a couple of hours.”

Beattie has been working with local businesses in the community which have provided a variety of activities that everyone in the family can enjoy throughout the day.

Activities include such things as games, prizes, a bounce castle, face painting, a beer garden for adults which will also have games, interactive entertainment, and local eats from a barbeque.

All proceeds from the day will go to the Langdon Community Collaborative (LCC).

“We also have designer mutts coming and they will be offering ‘Pupsicles’ for our four-legged friends,” Beattie said.

Since Langdon Family Fun Fest is a new event Beattie is unsure how the day long activities will turn out.

“It’s still to be determined whether this will be the exact state of it every year but something to look forward to,” she said.

Residents have also been involved with the Langdon Family Fun Fest since the beginning Beattie added, the Langdon residents gave the event its name.

“Residents love the idea of the interactive nature of the event. Everyone was super excited to hear about it,” Beattie said.

“Over time we would love to make the event something that everybody looks forward to in the summer,” Beattie said, “We’re looking forward to this becoming an amazing annual event.”

Langdon’s Family Fun Fest admission is free and runs from 12 until 4 p.m., at the Langdon Firehouse Bar & Grill on July 28.

For additional information visit the Langdon Family Fun Fest on Facebook.


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