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    Eighth Annual “Markus Lavallee” SGA Cup

    sga TroungFloor hockey fans were treated to a fun afternoon at the annual SGA Cup at St. Gabriel the Archangel School on Friday, May 11th .  Ten teams joined in the action packed tournament.  As always, the spirit was evident and the team uniforms were the best ever.  This year many teams paid tribute to the Humboldt hockey team.   After round robin play, there were four teams to advance.  The final game saw a talented group of boys, “Flint Tropics” versing a strong team called “Cheap Shots 5.0”.   In the end, “Cheap Shots 5.0” claimed the coveted cup.  This year’s spirit award could have gone to a number of teams.  However, the teams of “Flint Tropics” and “Fourth Line Grinders” claimed the spirit award as a result of their enthusiasm and joy while playing in the tournament, along with their awesome uniforms.  We know that our friend, Markus, was smiling down on this great day.    Thanks to everyone who supported this awesome event.  As always, we look very forward to the “Markus Lavallee” SGA Cup next May!