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    Getting back to the basics

    Getting back to the basics isla leonty

    Isla Leonty, 2, tries her hand at hula hooping during the annual Life’s Too Short’s event at Camp Chestermere on Sept. 9. Photo by Emily Rogers

    The annual Life’s Too Shorts event brought the community together through happiness by going back to the basics on Sept. 9.
    A variety of activities and games kept families busy having fun at Camp Chestermere including a free barbeque, three legged races, sack races, water balloon tosses, and live entertainment.
    “We wanted to take this event to remember the kids in our community that we have lost. That is very important we never want to forget those kids, and those memories. We do this to honour them,” said Life’s Too Shorts Co-Organizer Christine Larocque.
    “We also wanted to do this to get people to slow down, take a step back, and take the time out to spend some time with the community and just remember that things happen, and that we don’t necessarily know what’s expected.
    “This is a time where we can enjoy each other and take the time to spend some quality time together,” Larocque said.
    She added, “We want to be proactive, take the time to enjoy life, step back, take the time you need with your family and your friends because you never know what could happen.”
    Life’s Too Shorts allows the younger children in the community to meet new friends, and have fun for an afternoon, Larocque said.
    “It’s so great that these little kids know who Jaydon and Markus are.
    If you ask them, they know exactly who they are because the community still talks about the boys, and doing these kinds of events keeps them alive,” Larocque added.
    Co-Organizer of the Life’s Too Shorts event Michelle Wilson said, “We both knew the boys, they embraced life, they lived authentically, they loved the people around them, that’s what this event is about.”
    She added, “It’s about getting back to the basics, it’s about understanding that we’re all connected together. We live in this community and we’re busy, but it’s important to take time and be with people and have fun.”
    “In today’s age we’re all texting, or running here or there, it’s important to take the time off and just have fun,” Wilson said.
    For Wilson the Life’s Too Shorts event is about seeing the children, seeing how happy they are, and seeing how much fun they are having outside playing together.
    “I know tragedy bring us closer together, but we really want to remind people that happiness can bring you together too,” Wilson added, “Fun can bring you together, it doesn’t know any boundaries.”
    Wilson and Larocque both felt extremely grateful for the amount of support the community has showed for Life’s Too Shorts.
    To have local businesses and residents step up and offer their help including Dexterity Dance Studio, Camp Chestermere, No Frills, Pinks and Plates, personal friends, husbands, mothers who have helped since the very beginning and Doug and Jaxon Nouwen who did the music means the world to the Life’s Too Shorts Organizing Committee.
    “We focus on the negative things, so when things like that happen it’s amazing to see people ask what they can do to help,” Wilson said.
    “Every year is different and we’re trying things out, but it’s the people who just call and say what can I do. That’s the best,” Larocque said.
    She added a major concern for the Life’s Too Shorts organizing committee was a lack of registered volunteers.
    “We were concerned about volunteers, we didn’t have a lot of people sign up, but we have more than enough,” Larocque added, “It’s so great to see people come out and volunteer their time.”
    Wilson said, “I know these times are so busy. People always open their hearts and find the time to volunteer which is awesome.”
    The Life’s Too Shorts Organizing Committee is looking for the community’s feedback on the event. To get involved visit the Life’s Too Shorts Facebook page or email lifestooshortschestermere@gmail.com.