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    Going the extra mile for a trim


    Malek Elbirani cuts Jack Hides hair in the parking lot in front of the barbershop after Hides, one of the regular customers, broke his leg and couldn’t make it into the shop. Photo by Hoda Elbirani

    When Malek Elbirani saw that one of his regular customers, who’d come for a haircut couldn’t get out of the car because of a broken leg, he decided to bring the barbershop outside.
    “[Malek] wasn’t going to let him go not happy,” said Hoda Elbirani.
    Jack Hides had a fall breaking his leg and bruised his arms and side of his body.
    Hoda said that Hides comes in for a haircut every couple of weeks.
    “He has a routine,” she said. “he still wanted to come and get a haircut.”
    So Hides’ wife Ruby helped him into the car and drove him to Malek’s Barbershop.
    Once there, they realized that Hides couldn’t get out of the car.
    “So we took the chair outside to him,” said Hoda.
    She helped him out of the car into the temporary barber’s chair out in the parking lot.
    Malek brought out his cart and gave Hides his usual haircut there in the parking lot just outside of the barbershop.
    “So he didn’t have to leave and he didn’t have to walk inside,” said Hoda.
    She said that since Malek has a complete set of cordless equipment it wasn’t too hard to set up the impromptu haircut.
    “He’s got the wireless razors, he’s got the scissors, hes got the combs,” she said.
    It was more than just good customer service that brought Malek outside to cut Hides’ hair.
    “With Malek when he saw this gentleman, he saw his own dad,” said Hoda.
    “So his heart, it tugged at his heart strings,” she said, “he wasn’t going to let him go not happy.”
    By cutting Hides’ hair, Malek helped give back some normalcy through the injury and recovery.
    “He was so happy, he just looked at Malek right in the face, right into his eyes and said ‘thank you’,” said Hoda.
    If that wasn’t enough, Hoda said that Ruby had huge smile on her face throughout the haircut.
    “They were so grateful, they were really, really so grateful,” said Hoda.
    Along with bringing a smile to the Hides faces, the photos from the haircut brought a touch of happiness to the Facebook page I Love Chestermere.
    Hours after posting the photos, they received hundreds of likes on the post from the community.