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  • Langdon recognizes volunteers

    Volunteers in Langdon help run the community

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    Patrick Golden Youth Volunteer of the Year recipient has been the leading youth volunteer in the community following in his older sisters footsteps. Leela Aheer said the reason she first got involved in politics in because of youth like Golden. Photo by Emily Rogers
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    Leela Aheer and Martin Shields both recognized Brendan Connolly as Volunteer of the Year on July 21, because of ConnollyÕs dedication to helping youth in the community. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Langdon celebrated community participation in volunteerism with the third annual Langdon Volunteer of the Year Award on July 21.

    Brendan Connolly, one of two winners, was recognized as the adult Volunteer of the Year because of his dedication to youth sporting programs throughout the year, and his involvement in community initiatives.

    Leela Aheer, MLA for Rocky View added it was difficult to pick an award recipient, but once she read Connolly’s nomination regarding the things he has done for the community, and how he helps the up and coming athletes of tomorrow, she knew he was worthy to be called the Volunteer of the Year.

    “I’m sure you’re a dad to many more kids than just your own,” Aheer said.

    “Baseball is one of the largest youth programs in the Bow North Recreation District, and this program is an absolute success because of Brendon,” Connolly’s Volunteer of the Year Award nomination letter said.

    “His commitment and dedication have helped himself and the other great volunteers, coaches, and trainers make it so great. Thank you for helping our children grow into the wonderful athletes they are,” said another nomination letter.

    “There’s three more pages of things about how great Brendon is,” the ceremony announcer said.

    Connolly, President of Langdon Little League, has coached both baseball and hockey, been a member of the North Bow Community Facility Board, and a vital part of the fundraising team for the quad diamond project this year.

    “Growing up I’ve played a lot of sports and was lucky enough to travel and see a lot of Canada through baseball and hockey, so I feel it’s important to do the same thing for my children,” Connolly said.

    Although Connolly has had to overcome time management challenges with his hectic schedule, he said it’s important for youth in the community to see volunteerism happening.

    “Between work, which is quite busy, and then the sports and volunteering as well as just being home with the family, that’s the biggest challenge,” he said.

    “I think [volunteering] gives the kids something to focus on, and something to work on their skills, and their interpersonal skills, it teaches them lessons that they will be able to use for their whole life,” he added.

    Connolly was surprised when he initially found out he was nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award only because there are so many other worthy nominees in the community, he said.

    “So many people do such great things for Langdon it was pretty special to be singled out among those people,” Connolly added, “I was very proud especially since there are so many other great volunteers in Langdon.

    “It’s just really special to be identified as somebody who is important to the community. I’m proud of that,” Connolly said.