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  • Not in the Christmas Spirit

    Lte not in the christmas spirit
    I’m a homeowner living on West Chestermere Drive. We are doing some home renovations and have a big blue garage bin in our front yard for demolition waste. My family and I were out for Christmas dinner and returned home to the sight of 7 large clear garbage bags full of Christmas wrappings plus a broken car seat in our bin. On Christmas Day, some person or persons from Chestermere, had dumped their garage in our bin, committing an act of trespass on our property, while dumping their waste on us. Hardly in the Christmas spirit! I’d like to give that person or persons the opportunity to redeem themselves by picking up their garage and disposing of it properly. I’ve pulled the offending garbage from my bin, and placed it behind my storage container, facing the street, on city property. You won’t be trespassing to pick up your garbage, and you may yet appreciate the true Christmas Spirit by not dumping your garbage on your neighbours.

    Peter Grootelaar