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    Selling bracelets in support of sick kids

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    After a fall at a local playground led to a visit to the Alberta Children’s Hospital and seven stitches Seven-year-old Rilee Stanford is selling bracelets to raise money for the hospital. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    After a playground injury led to a visit to the hospital and seven stitches, seven-year-old Rilee Stanford wants to give something back to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

    “I want to raise money for people that get hurt so that they’ll feel better soon,” she said.

    Stanford said she got hurt while playing on the zip line structure at a local park May 5.

    “I couldn’t get to the other side and then I just dropped and slipped on the gravel and hit my chin,” she said.

    She ended up at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary to get seven stiches.

    “I was scared,” she said of the experience.

    The following day when the family was out for ice cream, Standford decided she wanted to give back to the hospital.

    Stanford decided to raise money through the sale of homemade bracelets.

    She is charging $2 per bracelet and has raised $96 so far.

    Her goal is to raise $100 before her birthday, July 10.

    Stanford’s parents said that they are really proud of their daughter wanting to give back.

    “She’s always been a thoughtful person and always wanting to help people,” said her dad, Graham Stanford.

    The whole family has been helping Rilee make the bracelets.

    “She’s pretty dedicated,” said her mom Ann Stanford.

    Ann posted her daughter’s fundraiser to the Facebook page I Love Chestermere to help raise awareness of her daughter’s campaign in the community.