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    Tenth annual Loop Around the Lake a success

    loop 5km runners starting

    Runners for the 5 km race cross the starting line for the tenth annual loop around the lake on June. 24. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Local runners participated in the tenth annual loop around the lake to raise funds for the Chestermere Public Library June 24.

    A decade ago loop around the lake Director and Organizer Bernard Maillet wanted to bring the community closer together, so he set a goal of raising $100,000 for the Chestermere Public Library.

    “I came close to the goal, it’s going to be about $98, 000,” Maillet said, “trying to reach that goal has kept me straight.”

    The loop around the lake began at 8 a.m., with the 12 km runners crossing the starting line first, following the 5 km participants 15 minutes later, and finishing with a beloved 1 km race for children at 10 a.m.

    Maillet said that, watching the children’s race is the best part of the day.

    He has been deeply involved with the Loop Around the Lake for the last ten years and is now ready to train someone to take over the reins.

    Maillet does plan to stay involved just not in charge of it.

    “I’ll still be on the side line,” he said.

    First place for men in the 12 km went to Darren Main, who has been visiting Alberta from Scotland for the previous two weeks.

    He  said he had heard about the Loop Around the Lake and wanted to see what it was all about.

    “It’s amazing, an amazing course, nice big puddles to run through,” he added, “I’m quite surprised to make it first as well.”

    Darienne Wourms, the first female to complete the run and the third overall runner said that the race has become a family tradition.

    “I love the library,” she said.

    “It’s such a great place to find amazing stories or information, I usually take out a huge stack of books and have most of them back within the week because I cannot put them down,” said Wourms.

    The Loop Around the Lake is a great opportunity for residents to come out and get involved within the community, said runner and Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Burness.

    “The business community, and residents embrace the race, they come out to show their support,” she said, “people love it.”

    Russel McLellan, who placed second in the 5 km run, said he participated in this year’s loop around the lake after hearing about it as a great community activity from CrossFit Moirai.

    “It helps out a great cause and gives members of the gym a fantastic opportunity to get together and cheer each other on.

    “I believe [this event] promotes a healthy family lifestyle with the added bonus of helping out the library,” he said.

    The returning runner added the primary reason he has kept returning to the loop around the lake is because of Maillet and what he is doing for the community.

    “It’s inspiring to see people like [Maillet] giving their time and energy to a great cause for the community,” said McLellan, “he makes you proud to be a resident of Chestermere.”