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  • Chestermere Food Bank collected over 500 lbs of food during Spring Food Drive

    Chestermere Food Bank food drive pic 1

    Laurie Dunn, Don Lemna, and Shawn Press spent Saturday afternoon collecting food and cash donations for the Chestermere Regional Food Bank during the Every Plate Full Spring Food Drive. Throughout the afternoon, over 500 lbs of food was collected and will be used to fill the food bank shelves for the upcoming summer. Photo by Emily Rogers

    The Chestermere Regional Food Bank’s Every Plate Full Spring Drive collected over 500 lbs of food that will be used throughout the summer.

    “It’s worked out really well and I’m super pleased with the results,” said Chestermere Regional Food Bank President Laurie Dunn.

    Food Bank volunteers, First Responders and Peace Officers spent Saturday afternoon passing out shopping lists full of items the food bank commonly runs out of this time a year while collecting food and cash donations.

    “Anything protective services can assist with, including coming out to support, and help drive ‘feed the need’ is what we’re here to do,” said Chestermere Peace Officer Shawn Press.

    Items on the shopping list included flour, sugar, jam, canned meat, coffee, honey, hamburger helper, cookies, fruit cups, pudding snacks, dish soap, and laundry detergent.

    Along with having a shopping list of popular items, Dunn also labeled the shelves with the most needed items in No Frills.

    “I had many people comment about how helpful that has been, and that they have really enjoyed shopping that way,” she said.

    Dunn added, having the first responders and peace officers engaging with residents before they entered the store was great, as it encouraged more people to donate items to the food bank.

    Although donations can be made year-round at a variety of food bank bins around Chestermere, including No Frills, Safeway, Veterinary Clinic, and the Rec Centre, the food bank see’s the majority of donations during the holidays.

    “We do get tons of support around Christmas time, and we appreciate all of that support, but we want people to know that hunger is year-round,” Dunn said.

    She added, the Chestermere Regional Food Bank requires support from the community all year, because the food bank offers year-program programs and supports residents year-round.

    Along with filling the food bank shelves for the summer, volunteers are busy preparing for the new After the Bell program, which will distribute healthy foods to children over the summer beginning in July.

    Moving forward, residents who want to support the food bank by hosting an event, are encouraged to register the event on the website, and by doing so will receive support from food bank volunteers.

    For additional information on how to donate to the Chestermere Regional Food Bank, or to access the programs offered please visit the food bank website at http://chestermerefoodbank.ca/