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  • Distracted driving on the rise in the city

    There has recently been an increase of distracted driving while Chestermere residents are doing their morning commutes.

    Throughout February and going into March Cst. Jeff Kalan will be focusing on making sure Chestermere roads are safe and free of distracted driving.

    “Anything can be considered distracted driving, anything that takes your focus off driving,” said Kalan.

    He added, applying makeup, looking at print materials, having a dog on your lap, even eating is all considered to be distracted driving, and carry a fine of $287 and three demerit points.

    “Distracted driving is very dangerous. It only takes a momentary distraction to cause a collision,” Cst. Kalan said.

    He added, “It is easy to forget that you shouldn’t check your phone when you hear that little ding from your text messages, but it could be a mistake that causes a collision.”