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  • Encouraging positive relationships with the development community

    Encouraging positive relationship land owners agreement signing pic 1

    The City of Chestermere, Qualico Communities and Anthem United came together on July 9 to sign the Land Owner’s Agreement for the Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk project. By signing the agreement, Qualico Communities and Anthem United are able to work on their own time, and under their own guidance. The Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk project will service approximately 40,000 to 50,000 people within the next 30 years. Photo by Emily Rogers

    The City of Chestermere, Qualico Communities and Anthem United signed the Land owner’s Agreement for the Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk project on July 9.

    This Land Owner’s Agreement allows for Qualico Communities and Anthem United developers to bring land on and add to housing options in Chestermere.

    “This is a substantial change in how Chestermere is moving forward, and now doing business,” said Chestermere Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    “It gives developers their own timing, purchasing and allows them to work under their own guidance versus somebody else dictating. To me, that’s huge, and it takes the debt away from us to do the initial infrastructure. It’s a real change,” he added.

    After the new city council was elected, the community demanded and  expected that council conducted business differently.

    “We heard from the development community that they were eager to find ways to build better relationships with the city council,” Chalmers said.

    He added, “Our event today marks progress towards both of those goals, doing business better, and enhancing relationships with the business community.”

    “It’s a real breath of fresh air for us, to be involved with a group that is so collaborative, and so accommodating,” said Vice-President with Qualico Communities Calgary Claudio Palumbo.

    The Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk project is a critical, required piece of infrastructure, said Vice President, Land Development, Anthem United Bob Faktor.

    “It’s the main line that runs up the Rainbow Road alignment and connects to the lift station 13 that is required to service these new growth areas. It’s a critical piece of infrastructure for us to connect to that lift station,” Faktor said.

    He added, throughout the next 30 years, the Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk project will service approximately 40,000 to 50,000 people.

    Chestermere is one of the fastest growing communities in the country, while the growth presents many opportunities; there are also challenges, including adding infrastructure.

    By working with Qualico Communities and Anthem United for the upcoming Dawson’s Landing and Chelsea projects the City of Chestermere can find new solutions for handling infrastructure costs that will benefit the entire community, Chalmers said.

    “In Chestermere we are keen to be innovative, to cut red tape, build relationships, spend smarter, and grow strategically,” he said.

    “By enabling these two companies to front end this major infrastructure required for growth, they are able to gleam the benefits of the private sector building efficiencies while reducing fiscal risks to the taxpayer.

    “As we grow, we have to keep up with the services, so there will be various options available. Our community is high end, and this new development will bring us choices,” he added.

    Qualico Communities and Anthem United chose to build new housing developments in Chestermere because of the direction the community is headed.

    Faktor added Anthem United chose Chestermere because of the amenities the community offers including the lake, schools, and shopping, proximity to Stoney Trail, and employment down the road in Calgary.

    “It’s a very appealing location for a home buyer,” he said.

    “We saw the direction that the city was taking, we hear a lot about being open for business, the proof is in the pudding,” Palumbo said.

    “There was an opportunity for us to be involved, and we jumped at it. We’re extremely excited to be out in Chestermere,” he added.

    Without the skills, guidance, and knowledge of the City Administrative Officer (CAO), Bernie Morton, the Land Owner’s Agreement signing wouldn’t have been possible.

    “He has brought this whole new rethink in for how we are going to do business,” Chalmers said.

    “We’re proud to stand with Qualico Communities and Anthem United to honour our strong relationship and share our vision for building a sustainable, unique, and innovative future for the city of Chestermere,” he added.