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  • Go Girl inspiring young girls to participate in sports and physical activities in the community

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    The twelfth annual Go Girl is inspiring young girls ages, nine to 15, to get involved in sports and physical activity, and to live a healthy lifestyle on Jan. 26. Throughout the day girls will participate in activities that are offered in the community including curling and dance. Photo submitted

    The twelfth annual Go Girl #Play like a girl Chestermere is aimed to inspire young girls in the community to live a healthy lifestyle, while getting involved in sports and physical activity.

    “The girls enjoy the day, it introduces them to something they haven’t done before,” said Recreation Program Coordinator Vicki Klinger.

    The day begins with girls ages nine to 15 registering at the Chestermere Rec Centre on Jan. 26 at 8:30 a.m. and being spilt into groups.

    Throughout the day, up to 80 girls will decorate t-shirts, do ice breaker activities, have smoothies, have lunch with female athletes, and participate in a variety of sports and physical activities including curling and dance.

    “It’s like an appetizer of sports and physical activity,” Klinger said.

    Klinger encourages the girl’s mothers to come to the Chestermere Rec Centre before 5 p.m. and participate in one last group activity to finish the day.

    “What I really try to do is offer activities that are available in Chestermere, so it is sustainable all year,” Klinger said.

    She added, “It’s a fun day, it’s an opportunity to see what’s going on in their community.”

    Clubs and organizations, such as mental health services, and health services, will also be offering information, Klinger said.

    For nine-year-old Mackenzie Nouwen who attended last year’s Go Girl, getting to play ringette with her friends was a highlight.

    “My favourite part was ringette, I love the sport, I play it now,” Nouwen said.

    “I love sports, and I just find sports really fun, some of my friends don’t but that’s okay,” Nouwen added, “I’m looking forward to playing more sports.”

    For Klinger, organizing an event like Go Girl is special because sports break down gender barriers, and cultural barriers.

    “When you’re on a team it doesn’t matter who your teammates are, you’ve got that common bond, it really increases confidence,” Klinger said.

    She added, “It inspires the girls to be active, educates them, and shows them recourses that are important for mind and body connections.”

    To register for Go Girl prior to Jan. 23 at 5 p.m., register on the Chestermere Recreation Centre website at www.chestermerecrca.com.