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    High School bringing Legally Blonde Jr to life

    High School bringing Legally Blonde Jr to life pic 1

    The Chestermere High School Theatre department is busy preparing to perform Legally Blonde Jr. The Musical beginning April 11 until April 13. A variety of departments within the school are collaborating to make the production possible, including culinary students who will be hosting a dinner theatre, and cosmetology students who will be doing hair and makeup for the cast members. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Chestermere High School Theatre students are encouraging the community to support the local art scene by attending their performance of Legally Blonde Jr. The Musical from April 11 until April 13.

    “I feel like sports is a big thing in Chestermere, but we don’t focus on the arts as much,” said grade 12 student Christina Maida-Cook.

    “Next year, I hope more students come out for the performance, and really support theatre,” Maida-Cook said.

    She added, the theatre department gets overlooked and as a result, the productions held have less and less of an audience.

    “I just want to encourage the community, and students they’re always welcome to come out and support a really great group of kids who are just having a tone of fun and exploring their art,” she said.

    Through participating in high school theatre Maida-Cook has gained more confidence in other aspects of her life, such as through leadership in school, and working at her job in retail.

    “I think it’s really important to support programs within the school, and within the community, I just love it so much,” Maida-Cook said.

    However, since working on the musical Maida-Cook has run into challenges, such as ensuring her pitch is correct, and working on time management.

    “I do a lot of things, I do sports, leadership, and I also work so trying to balance everything in preparation for the play has been really crucial,” she said.

    As the production quickly approaches, the cast has been doing everything they can to prepare for opening night, including meeting during lunch hours or spares to go over lines, practice choreography, and practice singing techniques and warm-ups.

    The entire cast is working hard, and really putting everything they can into the performance, Maida-Cook said.

    “It’s fast approaching, it’s giving a lot of people some panic, but everything is going to turn out perfect,” she added.

    Performer and grade 12 student Tomi Gimtter said throughout the months of rehearsals, the cast has bonded really well, and he is excited to perform.

    This will be Gimtter’s first high school theatre performance, however, he has been heavily involved in theatre in Calgary and in Airdrie in the past.

    “This is my first high school production. It was a good time for me to participate,” Gimtter said.

    He added the last few years his focus has been on hockey.

    Although participating in a high school theatre production is new to Gimtter, being involved in the arts has been instilled in him from an early age.

    “Growing up my parents had instilled in me to have one art, and one sport. It’s set in my values to have art to express myself, and a sport to keep healthy and have interaction,” he said.

    Rehearsals for Legally Blonde Jr. The Musical has gone terrific, said Chestermere High School teacher Bryan Hofbauer.

    “For some people, doing a musical is a brand-new thing, some students have never sung out loud to other people before, which is pretty exciting,” Hofbauer said.

    “I just hope the community comes out to our show, it’s entertaining, and it’s light,” he said.

    Multiple departments of the Chestermere High School are involved in the production, including the culinary students who are hosting a dinner theatre on April 12, and the cosmetology students who are doing hair and makeup for the cast members.

    “It’s really nice that there’s a collaboration between students in different parts of the school,” Hofbauer said.

    For more information on Legally Blonde Jr. The Musical please visit chstheatre.brownpapertickets.com.