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  • Lake City Cannabis celebrates reopening

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    Chestermere resident and owner of Lake City Cannabis, Ryan Roch is excited for the opportunity to welcome two Canadian growers, Trailblazer, and Sundial into his shop. From July 12, until July 13, the producers spent time at Lake City Cannabis talking with consumers and answering all of their inquiries regarding their product. Photo submitted by Ryan Roch

    Chestermere residents had their cannabis related questions answered during the Lake City Cannabis’ reopening on July 12 and July 13.

    To celebrate now being fully stocked, after waiting months for finalization from the Alberta, Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency, owner of Lake City Cannabis Ryan Roch brought two Canadian producers into his shop.

    “There was some awesome support, and everyone is pretty excited. It was great to see. It was really nice,” Roch said.

    He added, “Overall, the feedback has been positive, people are excited that finally in Chestermere we have a local cannabis option.”

    It was important for Alberta producer, Sundial to partner with Roch because they share similar values and support small local business.

    “We’ve been here with Ryan, it’s been a long process for him, and we were excited to be here for his grand opening. We wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” said the Sundial Regional Manager Reid Mitchell.

    “We brought in Sundial because we felt like they had a great local vibe coming out of Olds, they were really excited about being here and supporting us,” Roch said.

    “We have the same values, it’s all about community, and that’s important to us, and it’s important to Chestermere,” Mitchell said.

    Adding, “We’re Alberta grown, and Ryan is passionate about Alberta and small towns. It was a good partnership and aligned with what our priorities are.”

    Throughout the day, Mitchell and his team answered client’s questions regarding their product and offered education on their brand.

    “There are so many facilities out there, and just showing the Sundial brand, showing the whites of our eyes, and talking with clients is important,” Mitchell said.

    He added, all of the clients he spoke with were all very excited, welcoming, and asked great questions.

    On Saturday, Roch’s second producer Trailblazer spent the afternoon at Lake City Cannabis talking with customers and answering any questions they had.

    “It went great. Consumers are becoming really educated, so that’s good,” said Jordan Shackel.

    “Trailblazer, really wanted to come in, be a part of the store, and really support us, it’s been great,” Roch said.

    Before opening the store, Roch knew it was essential to offer education about cannabis to provide clients with a safe experience.

    “The growers all around are focused on quality. Health Canada has done an amazing job in making sure we have regulations to keep people safe. These growers are doing that every day and making sure we’re putting out clean, well-tested, excellent products,” Roch said.

    Clients can come to Lake City Cannabis for a safe, clean experience where they don’t have to worry about anything and can ask as many questions as possible, Roch said.

    He added, “Clients can get what they want, and be excited about supporting a local business that’s owned by a local that is focused on education.”

    Currently, Roch is planning to host more events throughout the summer.

    “There are a lot of options, and opportunities for people to come shop and have fun,” he said.